For LTTV and ltt-control, see the LTTng project git repository.

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Project Description Owner Last Change
Debug-Agent-Library.git An in-process debug agent... 22 months ago
TraceAbstraction.git Unnamed repository; edit this... root 3 years ago
afi.git Automated fault identification Hashem Waly 3 years ago
depanalysis_gui.git Experimentation on a gui for... Simon Marchi 5 years ago
drupal-custom-modules.git Unnamed repository; edit this... 2 years ago
libkcompat.git Linux kernel compatibility... Pierre-Marc Fournier 5 years ago
liblttngtrace.git Experimental, next-generation... William Bourque 4 years ago
lttng-agent.git Agent (server) allowing remote... Michael Sills-Lavoie 3 years ago
lttng-dev-doc.git LTTng developer documentation Pierre-Marc Fournier 5 years ago
lttng-eclipse-control.git Experimental Eclipse LTTng... Pierre-Marc Fournier 4 years ago
lttngtop.git LTTngTop ncurse top like appli... Julien Desfossez 12 months ago
npt.git Non-Preempt Test Raphael Beamonte 17 months ago